"Felice Fawn" is the alias used by an tumblr famed woman residing in the UK. She used to be an amateur model but now she mostly sits around smoking all over her pets, photoshopping herself to look like a different person, purposefully triggering & faking self harm wounds, stealing people's money with her scam shops and begging people to buy things off her amazon wishlist.
She is a manipulative scammer with hoards of fans that defend her and ignore the truth. This blog is here to expose her lies.

The Night Venus Helios Choker


This pretty little choker is sold for £4 (+ £2 standard delivery) by Night Venus.


But you can buy this equally lovely piece for only £1.99 with free delivery!


The item comes from Asia, so delivery could be a while but buy from ebay and pay using paypal and you’re protected so, though it might take a while, you can feel safe in your buy.

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The Night Venus Keeper of Souls Necklace (Requested)


Here are the stunning Keeper of Souls Necklaces by Night Venus, costing £16 plus £2 delivery.


 These look like dowsing pendulums, which means that they probably are! I’d suggest buying a dowsing pendulum separately and then replacing the chain with a necklace chain.

Click through to see some alternative dowsing pendulums! (This one was too long for no read more)

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The Night Venus Amethyst Divination Necklace


We’ll kick things off with the beautiful Amethyst Divination Necklace sold by Night Venus.


It’s a stunning necklace but, clocking in at £8 (plus £2 for delivery), it could be seen as a very expensive bit of tat, couldn’t it? Besides, the thing is so beautiful it’s sold out and impossible to buy anyway.

Here are your alternatives:

***Chains can be found here***

***These products are form Asia and it might take longer for them to be delivered***

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Anonymous asked: Lel americans amirite?


Anonymous asked: (Anon cause not logged in). I really appreciate this blog, and similar ones. It has immensely helped my idolizations of this fake little fawn. It's helped my self-confidence and worth as well. But I just want to ask, have any of you thought to consider how mentally ill she actually is? No, not the types she claims to have. She is an compulsive liar. She's literally crazy. Like, Lady Macbeth level of crazy. She lies and cheats people out of their money, and lies about her face out of insecur(cont

Part two. Ran out of room. (Wow I can’t even remember what I was saying now), but yeah, she’s crazy and insecure about herself. No wonder she has family problems. She probably doesn’t take her meds or they refuse to acknowledge her issue. Maybe something traumatic happened to her when she was younger? It is no excuse for her behavior, but I think she needs serious help. She would be a very difficult person to be friends with. I wish she could get the proper help she needs. No excuse though.

I don’t know I’m not a doctor. I personally think she’s probably a spoilt brat who has been enabled by her daddy and boyfriend and then they suddenly got sick of her shit and so she flips for sympathy. I’m sure there is illness there but who knows what. She obviously struggles to work hard hence all the scams, she loves attention hence the photoshopping of scars and thinness… Over the years she’s decided she has about 10 different mental illnesses, however she’s never claimed the illness I personally think she has, which is a narcissistic personality disorder. She’s had everything but that apparently.

Anonymous asked: I don't understand how people see a thin, skinny, girl who looks like she struggles to stand up as an inspiration. She encourages anorexia. I'm petrified.

Join the club!

fawnsinspring asked: Can we please not Felice tweeted: @felicefawn I write tweets about how much of a cunt I am. Not about how we shouldn't make fun about people's misfortune- after I have done. But then slagged someone's appearance off 16 hours ago. I pulled her up on it and she started blaming me? Haha

Sounds about right. Her twitter is full of shit.

Anonymous asked: I ordered necklaces on the second of June and used my graduation money to purchase them and I have gotten nothing! wish I found this blog sooner :( so upsetting that I was scammed

Sorry to hear this! I’ve been out of the loop and actually logged on because I wondered if she was still scamming.

Try a paypal dispute if you can and send an email reporting her here:  tradingstandards@suffolk.gov.uk - give them as much info as possible - her real name Lauren Cook, her online alias of Felice Fawn, the shop website, a screen shot of your order and any correspondence youve had with Felice. 

Hope that helps!

kittyinblack asked: Anyone who likes Felice's products may like regal rose, moon child and empty casket :3


Anonymous asked: Heat stroke? Really? She's so damn dramatic and exaggerates everyhing. I'm about 99.9999% sure she doesn't have heat stroke, heat exhaustion, maybe, but definitely not heat stroke. It's sad she needs to make everything a bigger deal than it is to

Anonymous asked: Is Felice really in ED recovery? I've noticed she's been looking slightly healthier in her recent IG photos but I was wondering if you knew anything about it

That is what she says

Anonymous asked: speed is meth you dumb shit

Nope, the UK we call amphetamine “speed”, not methamphetamine. I know the slang can be used for both in the USA but not here.Also it is virtually impossible to get meth around where Felice and I live, and considering she is a self-proclaimed shut-in, she 99.999999999% would not be able to get meth even if she knew where to look.

But this has all been said before, just actually read and THINK. It helps. Or you could talk to Frank:







Anonymous asked: i totally cant believe you live that close to felice and rich. could you take a picture of them next time you see them?

I haven’t seen Felice out… only Rich. And no.