"Felice Fawn" is the alias used by an tumblr famed woman residing in the UK. She used to be an amateur model but now she mostly sits around smoking all over her pets, photoshopping herself to look like a different person, purposefully triggering & faking self harm wounds, stealing people's money with her scam shops and begging people to buy things off her amazon wishlist.
She is a manipulative scammer with hoards of fans that defend her and ignore the truth. This blog is here to expose her lies.

pyrovalerone asked: hi, I have a question. I used to follow her on facebook and I thought she was beautiful. I used to suffer from self harm and eating disorders and I wanted to look exactly like her and be like her. idk she was my thinspo. And then I found out about her scams and she doesn't actually self harm and her eating disorder and all about her ect. But one thing I'm not sure about is the drugs? Someone said about her taking cocaine? Does she take drugs?

She used to take drugs at least. Don’t know about now, maybe occasionally. She took coke on webcam in front of loads of fans if you google felice fawn cocaine or something it will come up in the images I reckon. She also recently said she was addicted to meth a year or two ago, despite meth being virtually impossible to get in the UK.

mermaidss asked: I love these truth blogs. I must say I am so happy I stumbled upon these or otherwise I'd still be hating on myself and miserable for not being as beautiful as her, should've known from the start she was all made up. It makes me sick that she purposefully makes herself into 'thinspo'. I am naturally thin, and have had my photos reblogged as 'thinspo'. It made me really upset because I am genuinely concerned for these girls (and boys) and I'd hate to and would never want to be one to add to this.

It is really upsetting, that’s why we do it. People will always call us jealous haters and stuff but there will always be people willing to be insulted and receive horrible messages because it’s worthwhile for the people we help. I’m happy you stumbled upon us too :)

Anonymous asked: Haha blackfawnboutique immediately redirects to night venus. xD


grrrlfuck asked: hey c: as the scamming Felice does is still going on *sigh* I have a load of choker/crystal necklaces to give to people who have been scammed by her, so if you could send them my way/let them know and at least they'll actually get something xx

I’m probably really late seeing this but - YOU’RE SO LOVELY! What a nice thing to do :)

ansteckend asked: is it possible to still access her tumblr? and did someone ever saved her playlists? thank you for the great blog and exposing the truth about her <3

You can go on her tumblr from a mobile device but I don’t know about the playlists sorry. And you’re welcome! x

Anonymous asked: Does anyone else remember way back when felice would talk about how horrible her parents and family were to her and blah blah blah and now her family is amazing and they've always been so kind to her. Or is this just me.

She bounces back and forth with this like a angry teenager

Anonymous asked: Hi! I've been reading your blog all morning now, I'd like to drop my take on it, without getting too involved. I've been using photoshop for 6 years of my life now, everytime I am shocked by how hard some people think editing is. I was showing my boyfriend how I clean up peoples faces in photography (just removing pimples etc) for a better canvas to work on, and he was so so so shocked how easy it was. 3 clicks, nothing more and bam imperfections are gone (cont. in next ask)

I think every person who doesn’t use photoshop thinks it’s so hard to do so. Trust me, it’s a piece of cake. I’ve seen (in her picture with her grandad and dog out for a walk) unnaturally shaped legs, the way her leg goes in too sharp yet her body continues, how if you tilt your screen (lowers the brightness) you can see where she’s used the healing tool in a bad way. Her nose is very inconsistent too. I used to be a fan, but now (cont.)

I can seriously see the editing. It’s extensive and bad. Also the burn mark post is appalling. It. Is. So. Easy. To. Photoshop. I can’t believe people don’t see it! Thank you for your work, it’s amazing. X

I don’t have time to post much anymore which I am sorry for but you are very welcome :)

iscreamniki asked: I just wanted to let you know how enlightened I am after seeing this blog. I've been on it all day as well as the blogspot simply watching this trainwreck. When I first came across Felice, I often wondered how she looked so perfect and I really took a hit on my self esteem. To save myself, I stopped letting myself spend hours on her gallery and focused on myself because she made me question myself. With this blog and looking back on it, I just wanted to say thank you for what you're doing.

You’re welcome <3

Anonymous asked: Her new tagged photos on instagram. Real face?

Yeah it was, but she got them to untag her now ha.

Anonymous asked: To everyone who defends Felice, she buys pets when they're 'in', takes photos with them to make herself look trendy and loving, then gets rid of them when they're no longer convenient or become uninteresting. She doesn't look after them and doesn't pick up after them, buys cheap food that's really bad for them, rarely walks them. Got rid of a dog out of inconvenience then got another? I don't think she MEANT to hurt the bird but why the fuck would you pull the wings just to show the gash?! Dick!

Anonymous asked: To the other anon, the reason she scams is because she doesn't just want profit, she wants all of it! People are essentially buying her the things for her store. She buys them, then people buy them from her, she gets her money back, with profit and still gets to keep the stuff. Granted she has sent a few things out before, but she needs a couple of people to make her store look reliable, so she can carry on doing it. It's so dumb, she could make it big but for her it's better to be lazy and scam

toolazyforspacebar asked: I saw one of your posts that said you have a jewelry shop and was wondering if I could get the link? You can answer this privately, I have a feeling you definitely don't want that public on this blog haha

Sorry I’m not really willing to give it to anyone right now, I don’t want it linked to Felice in any way shape or form!

Anonymous asked: Hello there! I'm following this blog since forever :D I was wondering if you know where does she buy the "Dentali unicorn tear" bindi on her shop! I really don't want to be scammed! xx

I haven’t actually seen that one anywhere yet, sorry. Maybe someone can reply to this if they do?

Hi I just wanted to apologise to everyone who has sent a message and I haven’t replied. I just haven’t had time and the little time I do have I don’t really want to devote to anything to do with Felice Fawn. So sorry, I’ll get to them when I have more time!